WorkAbilities Apparel
Instructions for ordering WorkAbilities Apparel
  1. Click on the link below
  2. Circle the item(s) you wish to purchase
  3. Fill in box for size, color and quantity
  4. NOTE – Add $2.00 for XXL and $3.00 for XXXL to price
  5. Add $6.00 for a name to price (NOT FULL name - Print clearly)
  6. If you want the name stitched on a different location than suggested, please note where you want it (Right arm, upper back, etc.).
  7. Write Checks to The Logo Stop – you may send cash as well – just let your Planning Manager know when to expect it.
  8. These would make GREAT gifts!  If it IS a gift – Please note that on the order form, so we don’t give away the surprise!
  9. Orders will take 3-5 weeks.  Payment MUST be turned in with the order.  Orders should be turned into the client’s planning manager or Kelly Duncan – Larry Duncan, in her absence.
Special Notes: WorkAbilities DOES NOT profit from any of the sales

Orders MUST be submitted and paid for by Friday, October 27, 2017!
Items are NOT returnable due to the fact that they are made to order.  You may try to sell the item and then order another if needed.

The first link below shows items for sale.  The second link is the order form and the third contains mock-ups to show pictures of what is available.
/home/180006445/180006445/Images/Order Form.png
/home/180006445/180006445/Images/Order Form 2.png