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May 22, 2020
Hello to our WorkAbilities team!
Governor Walz introduced a shift from Stay at Home MN to Stay Safe MN which outlines a slow and phased re-opening of businesses and services. The specific services that WorkAbilities provides are licensed by the MN Department of Human Services (MDHS) and we are responsible for adhering to their guidance and directives as well.
On Wednesday, May 20th we received notice from the MN Department of Human Services that they, in collaboration with the MN Department of Health, have identified some very important health and safety considerations that cannot be easily addressed to promote the safety and health of the clients or employees should day services re-open, even in a slow and phased in manner.
“It is our best judgement, based on the best health advice we have, that it would be too risky to re-open day centers at this time. While we understand the many challenges this creates for you and the people you serve, protecting the health and safety of vulnerable Minnesotans is our first priority.”
Jodi Harpstead,  Commissioner - MN Department Human Services
WorkAbilities is providing our teams with notice that we will be extending our closure for day program services through the end of June, if not longer.
We will look for continued guidance and directives from the state, particularly our licensing entity, and will communicate updates with our clients and their teams towards the later part of June. 
We appreciate your patience, your support, and your understanding of the difficult decisions our leaders need to make for our health and safety.
We all miss the clients and our co-workers that are the spirit and energy of the WorkAbilities team!  
Luana Ball
Executive Director


Ongoing communication will be relayed to our employees and client caregivers via updates posted to our website and Facebook page.